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How to Navigate the Digital Archives

Welcome to the St Andrew's Digital Archive!

PLEASE NOTE: The web interface of this archival digital repository system is best viewed in Firefox, Safari or Chrome browsers.

St Andrew's Archive Department has embarked on a project to build a digital archive that gives our community access to selected items from our school archive collection. In the pilot project, begun in 2015,  the school magazines, the St Andrean, from 1995 to date in the archive were placed in the digital archive. We anticipate adding the full collection of St Andreans as these provide a wealth of information about the school and provide a valuable starting point for searching in the archive. Happy browsing!

DIGITAL REPOSITORY Although this may look like a simple website, it is actually the web interface to what is known as a digital asset management system, that will preserve our valuable digital files for future generations and make them accessible to our community. It is not designed primarily for viewing material online, but rather finding the material you are looking for and then requesting a high resolution download.

SEARCH Feel free to search for a topic of interest in the search box. It is possible to refine searches by searching within results too.

BROWSE If you wish to browse manuscripts: 

  • Click on the Browse button 
  • Click on the gallery you are interested in.
  • Select the edition you wish to open. When the Preview page opens, click on the link View Web Quality PDF in the text on the right. The Web Quality PDF will take a little while to download for viewing.

SEARCH WITHIN If you want to search for specific text within the downloaded copy, you can then search in a PDF reader by using the keys Ctrl F (Windows) and Cmd F (Mac).

REQUESTS/ORDERS  You can also request a high resolution digital version of any item by clicking on the order link. Your request will be reviewed (not all items in the archive can be made available digitally due to copyright and other restrictions). If possible you will be sent a high quality digital version of a manuscript or image. In the case of manuscripts it will not only look like the original but is also fully searchable. Manuscripts, photographs and videos are made available for personal use only. Copying and postage/courier costs, if applicable, will be payable. For all fulfilled requests a donation to the Heritage Foundation would be welcomed.

Picture above: Stinkwood mural in the school hall designed by Hannelie Coetzee in 2016. The central figures are based on an archive photograph of students in Cathcart, Eastern Cape viewing the solar eclipse of 1940.

Homepage photographs: Top L-R: Bedford Court by Zama Mdoda, 2012; Outdoor class c1948; New wing 1936; Aerial view c1933  Bottom: School Chapel; Swimming pool c1930; Jacarandas and Tea Lawns; 'New' hall, 1952; Aerial view by Jacomi Grové, 2015